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Online reviews are the number one source of information for reservation.


of consumers will not book a hotel unless it has been reviewed by other guests.

Travel Weekly


travelers check online reviews before making travel decisions.

Travel Media Group

How to avoid negative online reviews ?




All the tools you need, combined in your custom made app


Suggest activities

Let your guests discover in real time, all activities and events tailored to suit their personal areas of interest, within the facility and nearby.


Provide online booking

Enable guests to book activities online at any time, in just a few clicks directly from their smartphone or tablet, and in the language of their choice.


Connect guests & staff

Our integrated chat system allows guests to network with each other and with staff members, without giving out any personal information.


Get real time feedback

Get instant feedback easily from each guest on all activities, without having to go through the trouble and time of an off-puting satisfaction survey.



Manage space availability

Spaces still available ? Last minute cancellation ? No worries, you can reach out to all guests interested in this particular activity.


Promote special offers

Looking to communicate on special offers ? Send push notifications, directly from the application, to a targeted and interested audience.


About SuggestMe...

check-sign  Non-native, no-download web app
check-sign  Compatible with all web navigators and devices
check-sign  User-friendly and flexible ergonomics
check-sign  Cloud data security




and will remain so


checkCustom made web app 
crossStatistics & feedback for each
        client & activity
crossOnline booking system for fee-
        based activities


14 nights

per year*


checkCustom made web app 
checkStatistics & feedback for each
        client & activity
crossOnline booking system for fee-
        based activities


28 nights

per year*


checkCustom made web app 
checkStatistics & feedback for each
        client & activity
checkOnline booking system for fee-
        based activities

* Double room, all inclusive, buffet or meal service (excluding alcohol), valid all-year round, excluding 10 weeks off


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